Community Outreach Trips


Gurumustuk started his visit to Australia in Melbourne, to participate in The Hari Singh Nalwa Retreat – for aspiring Leaders in the Panth organized by a Sikh organization called Akaal Fauj. This was a unique new camp format that was designed to help Sikhs who want to make a difference in their communities through service projects, offering some help to get them going, as well as the chance to learn from others who have successfully started and run service projects. 

The core theme of this camp was to equip young minds to be more effective in their communities and take them from being just dreamers to leaders who have the tools and information to create change. Harshdeep Singh (the brainchild of this camp) led the camp with along three facilitators to help guide the process: Mejindarpal Kaur (UK), Harjit Singh (Perth, Australia)  and Gurumustuk Singh (USA.


Gurumustuk’s second stop was Sydney for the Sikh Youth Australia Summer Family Camp. This camp started in 1998 and their first summer youth camp was held in 1999, and has shared their passion for seva and helping to inspire those around them ever since. SYA summer camp is a camp for people of all ages; truly a “Family” camp. 

Because of whole families going to the camp together, everyone grew spiritually together.  The camp balanced “fun” activities along with lots of time to go deeper and develop one’s spiritual side. The atmosphere was very positive and open, with Sikhs from all over Australia and all types (short hair and long) with everyone being welcome. Everyone was interested in connecting to the Guru and working on themselves.

United Kingdom

In March and April, Gurujot Singh, Gurumustuk Singh and Guruka Singh joined forces to visit the United Kingdom. From the halls of Parliament to Birmingham and Leeds, and from Gurdwara halls to the cozy living rooms of Sangat members, we were blessed with sweet Sangat everywhere we went. Between all the evening kirtans, workshops, panel discussions and classes, along with meeting so many wonderful souls and the establishment of new partnerships, we had too many beautiful experiences in UK Sangats to describe in this report and so we invite you to read the photo essay from our trip.