SikNet Learning Center

In honor of Guru Nanak Dev’s 550th birthday

SikhNet’s Learning Center content this year focuses on how to live as Guru Nanak taught.

In a new series of three courses: Guru Nanak Within Me , we explore: 

  • Our relationship to Guru Nanak Dev Ji
  • The universe is a university. What courses are we taking right now?
  • The process of awakening into life as described in Gurbani
  • Establishing a daily spiritual practice that works
  • Developing our subtle sensitivity and intuition
  • How to clear your mind of worry
  • What is Amrit Vela and its importance
  • The role of the nitnem banis in our spiritual practice

All the courses in the SikhNet Learning Center are mixed-media courses involving, reading, audio, video, quizzes and self-assessments. Students interact with each other directly as well as with the instructors through the 24/7 commenting system.

Some Student Comments:

“I am so incredibly grateful for this resource. You all have created an easy, effective way of learning this invaluable wisdom. Never have I felt so connected. I can’t wait to continue this journey.” – A. Moritz

“This course has enriched my life. It has given me the strenght that i need. Now am no longer wandering in the dark but i have the light of the Guru to guide me. I feel small when i read the comments of the other students. They are so much further than me. I have great difficulties in learning the language so i use the english translations. But it makes no difference. I feel the power of the Guru flow through me when i chant “Waheguru” and when i meditate with the slow breathing method. I will learn all these difficult words eventually. But it is not necessary. Even people like me who do not learn a foreign language quickly can connect to the Guru and feel the light in their lives every minute.” – L den Boef

“It’s been an extraordinary experience worth repeating over again.” – A. Suarez