Totally new Android app re-built from the ground up.  

Our hard-working tech team spent 8 months developing and rebuilding our Android GMC app, which is now 100% in sync with our iOS GMC app. This allowed for a huge growth in Android GMC app users and many happy people.

New “My Library” features

Now, you can save all of your favorite Artists, Albums, Tracks, Playlists and Radio Stations to your very own library for easy reference and collection.

Podcast & Audiobook

We added a new Category “Podcast” to GMC app that has playlists of Podcast discussions specifically related to Guru Granth Sahib ji and various Sikh Talks from America that inspires and provides information to the cyber sangat. A new category “Audio Books” has also been added with books by Bhai Vir Singh ji that you can listen while traveling or just while relaxing.


Gurbani Albums & Featured Playlists

  • Added 74 new albums consisting of digitized old Gurbani, western style, mainstream, healing meditation, devotional, Kavishri and English Katha’s for sangat.
  • 100 featured playlists of different styles/moods were created for listeners to enjoy kirtan of different styles/moods. The playlists are created with Gurbani kirtan dedicated to specific Gurpurab and historic events.

New SikhNet Radio Channels

Historic Sikh Gurdwaras in Delhi added to SikhNet Radio

All Gurdwaras are invited to contact SikhNet to have their broadcasts included in the SikhNet Radio Channels.

Downloads & Users


Did you know that you can upload audio to the GMC?

The GMC allows hundreds of thousands of people to stream Guru Ji’s kirtan anywhere in the world. Get started