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A Message From The C.E.O.

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

There is a presence within each of us that I call the ‘watcher.’ It’s the part that ‘watches the show’ of the world without personal interest, both dispassionately and compassionately. It sees minute details that we might not normally notice when we are not in that neutral, peaceful state that comes through Naam. The watcher sees yourself as well as others. It’s present within all of us when we shut down our personal thoughts and pay attention to the Hand of God. 

This has been my experience at SikhNet this year -- watching the Guru’s hand reach out and touch people in ways that I could never anticipate or imagine. Whether it’s talking on the phone with someone who watched a SikhNet video and began to meditate every morning, telling me of his spiritual experiences and transformation, or a young girl reaching out to share her loneliness and insecurity and finding support and inspiration in Gurbani katha she found on SikhNet.

Watching how lives are being touched by Guru Ji’s kirpaa through SikhNet’s global presence is a very humbling experience. It makes me realize over and over just how blessed I am that Guru Ji called me to this work in this way in the service of his mission - to spread the spirit of chardi kala, of joy, of seva, of community, of sharing and supporting each other; of welcoming everyone with joy and recognizing that the other person is you. 

It is sweet to me that every year at this time I get to reach out to you personally and thank you for being part of this seva. The world is changing more rapidly now than ever before and Guru Ji’s message of love, inclusiveness and living our lives for each other rather than at each other is deeply needed in this world to heal the many bodies, minds and hearts that are caught in pain and worry. 

May we live in truth, compassion, kindness and tolerance and share the indescribable blessings of this path we walk with every soul.

Please be generous as you donate to SikhNet this year. All gifts come from the Guru’s unlimited storehouse, and some of them flow through your heart and your hands.

Thank you.

Guru rakha.

Guruka Singh Khalsa

Chief Executive Officer, SikhNet, Inc.


Please take a few moments right now to support this mission of Light by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to SikhNet. We need to raise $350,000 by the end of the year in order to fund SikhNet’s growth, and to continue serving hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

SikhNet Site Redesign



  • I use SikhNet every day. I love the news. It keeps me updated with what's going on in the world, but also the Sikh Jagat. There have been so many stories that have inspired me and brought tears to my eyes, because these are the stories that have touched the heart. Which I share with my family. I love SikhNet. Thank you for doing an amazing job.

    - Kamaljit Kaur (USA)
  • After I moved to the US, my American friends would ask me what Sikhism is. I told them, "Just go SikhNet." Some of those people told me, "SikhNet is a treasure for us." So I am so happy because I can't live without kirtan from Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

    - Palwinder Singh (USA)
  • Wahe Guru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh, SikhNet is doing a great job. I have no words to thank the team. I am from Chandigarh (India) and on deputation to the US. The SikhNet radio has really been a blessing for me. Me and my wife feel as if we are experiencing Amrit Vela at evening time in US when we hear Nitnem, Asa Ki Vaar from Darbaar Sahib through SikhNet radio. This is really Guru's blessing, all through your efforts. May Waheguru bless you with Chardhikalaa to spread the Universal harmonious message.

    - Birender Singh (USA)
  • I love SikhNet. I visit SikhNet so many times a day, even I don't know. I love kathaa on my iPad. I've turned sixty years old. I also love Guru ji a lot. Your seva is great. I love you people a lot.

    - Manjeet Kaur (UK)
  • I use SikhNet every day. I love the news. It keeps me updated with what's going on in the world, but also the Sikh Jagat. There have been so many stories that have inspired me and brought tears to my eyes, because these are the stories that have touched the heart. Which I share with my family. I love SikhNet. Thank you for doing an amazing job.

    - Kamaljit Kaur (USA)
  • After I moved to the US, my American friends would ask me what Sikhism is. I told them, "Just go SikhNet." Some of those people told me, "SikhNet is a treasure for us." So I am so happy because I can't live without kirtan from Darbar Sahib Sri Amritsar.

    - Palwinder Singh (USA)
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Because of your generosity SikhNet is now able to launch a completely updated website that gives a fresh look and easier navigation for the core services that our SikhNet users love. Your active participation in this year-long process made all the difference and helped us adapt to the needs of the SikhNet community.

Here’s a glimpse into the process we went through this year.

  • - October 2014 - Analysis of SikhNet user needs. We had over 1,800 responses to our survey through which we learned what you desired from SikhNet.

  • - February 2015 - Creating the new SikhNet brand and logo. Working with our design partners, Cubicle Ninjas in Chicago, we winnowed our new look down from over 20 possible new designs to come up with our final short list of five new logos. Over 600 SikhNet users voted to pick the best new design from the short list.
  • Building-Together

  • - March 2016 - Working with the Cubicle Ninjas design team we began coming up with new page design and navigation ideas. Our goal: to make it easier than ever to find the content you’re looking for on SikhNet.

  • - June 2016 - We finalized the new design which uses a new, rich graphical look and color coded navigation.

  • - July 2016 - Redesign begins on the Siri Guru Granth Sahib, SikhNet Radio and Gurbani Media Center pages.

  • - August 2016 - Programming begins on migrating SikhNet into our new design

  • - September 2016 - Testing and tweaking to make sure its all running smoothly

  • - November 2016 - The curtain rises on the new SikhNet

In the new design you will find:

  • - Our new brand - you helped us choose it.

  • - Simplified menus for easier navigation.

  • - A mobile-responsive design easier to read and navigate on phones and tablets.

  • - A new look and feel that highlights imagery as a way into interesting content.

  • - Improved, easier to use search so you can quickly find the content you want.

When SikhNet did our user survey in 2014 the number one request we received was for more Dharmic-based online learning. Because of your generous support, our next project will be creating the unique SikhNet Learning Center offering inspirational courses on the meaning of Gurbani, meditation, health & wellness, and much more. The first online courses will be available early in 2017.

Also New This Year

Live Facebook Broadcasts


This year we began doing live video broadcasts on Facebook. These have included the SikhNet staff along with various guests discussing current topics related to Gurpurbs or other events, and sharing our thoughts on a particular subject such as the Anand Sahib, Sikh events, and current news featuring Sikhs.



We partnered with the Chardi Kala Foundation to hold the annual SGGS Conference in San Jose, California.


This year EcoSikh worked with us on our online Youth Film Festival and participated in the judging panel. (Would you like to be part of the judging panel next year? Contact us)


We worked with the National Sikh Campaign on core messaging around Sikh Identity


Chardikala-Time TV in India partnered with us to promote awareness of the Youth Film Festival in India as well as showing the winning films on TV there.


After a face to face meeting with Baljit Singh, we posted a video series from Basics of Sikhi called '12 Weeks 12 Gurus'.

SikhNet On The Ground

Camp Miri Piri 2016 and the Japji Sahib Course





Camp Miri Piri was held this summer in New Mexico for Sikh youth where SikhNet’s Guruka Singh taught on the topic “Social Media Overload – Finding your true identity in the age of Instagram.”

Later in the summer Sikh Dharma International held a very special course “Guru Nanak’s Call of the Soul: Japji Sahib” in Espanola where Guruka Singh served as part of an international team of teachers who took turns presenting on every section of Japji, along with the history of Guru Nanak and the origin of Japji. Time was allowed for the students to practice pronunciation in addition to time spent in deep study of the meaning of Guru Nanak’s words along with evening darbars and camp seva. ( more.)

20th Anniversary Celebrated in Punjab with MrSikhNet


During the spring of 2016 Gurumustuk Singh traveled to India and met with Sikh youth and leaders in Punjab. His goal was to create awareness about Sikhi growing in countries around the world, as well as the impact and changing needs of the Sikh community in this digital world.

He was invited to speak at the ‘The Centre on Studies in Sri Guru Granth Sahib’ at Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar. This was followed by a youth meetup in Ludhiana to celebrate the 20th anniversary of SikhNet. Business and youth leaders attended, as well as representatives of organizations such as “Basics of Sikhi” and “EcoSikh.”

During the Punjab trip Gurumustuk had many meetings and discussions with other businesses about partnerships and working together to better impact the Sikh Community, including Chardikala Time TV, and Vismaad Animation.

Japji in Mexico City


In July, 2016, SikhNet’s Ekongkaar Kaur taught ‘Japji Sahib, The Song of the Soul,’ in Mexico City. Sikhnet broadcast the course live each day on facebook as over 16,000 people from all over the world participated.


Sikh Youth Federation


Back by popular demand, Harijot Singh attended the Sikh Youth Federation camp in Mississauga Canada in the summer of 2016.



Sikh Sabha of New Jersey


In the summer of 2016 Gurujot Singh attended a camp in New Jersey. Here is a highlight from this camp. Gurujot says, "I taught a meditation workshop to the 9-13 year olds. We had a lot of fun. Once the class finished one kid wouldn't open his eyes. He remained in a meditation for several hours. Another kid meditated through his lunch break. When he finished, he opened his eyes and said, "Ah, finally I feel peaceful". I was so proud and inspired by these bright young Sikhs."

Inspiration - SikhNet's Ongoing Services

  • Absolutely amazing! Every woman needs to rekindle her faith in herself and reignite her passion to live the life of her dreams! This will inspire not only women, but also men to embrace courage and follow the heart. When we truly believe in our own divine nature and innate strength, anything is possible. And the Guru is always there to guide us. The most brilliant message of this movie was that, ‘The Guru bestowed EQUALITY upon us, and it is now incumbent on us to CLAIM IT.

    - Manpreet Kaur, on KAUR. Founder and CEO at Wise Tree

SikhNet will continue to provide the core services that you have come to know and love over the years: the Daily Hukamnama; Online Siri Guru Granth Sahib; the unique original animated film KAUR; SikhNet Children’s audio stories; downloadable resources, and so much more.



In addition to English Katha on the daily Hukamnama, the SikhNet Sri Guru Granth Sahib Katha smartphone app allows people to learn and understand the meaning of Gurbani from Siri Guru Granth Sahib. It currently features over 600 hours of Gurbani Katha in Punjabi by Giani Thakur Singh and Giani Harbhajan Singh, USA. With plans to add additional Katha audio in later releases.


Lifestyle and News

As we move to our new design, we are featuring more original content rather than simply aggregating news stories from other sources. We now have an expanded Lifestyle and News section covering a range of topics organized under such headings as: “The Pulse of the Panth,” “Spirituality,” “Identity,” and “Wellness.” We are also in the process of creating a very unique topic system, which will archive and highlight articles of lasting interest, providing a valuable research and learning tool for the Sikh community.



Inspirations Videos


These videos bring peace and hope to countless hearts around the world. This year SikhNet published over 40 new videos on topics ranging from “How to Combat Islamophobia and Hate“ to “Success in Marriage” and “The Difference Between Sikhi and Other Religions.”




SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival


This year, hosted its 11th Annual Youth Online Film Festival designed to give Sikh youth around the world a voice in media. The theme of the Film Festival, “Mata Dharat - Mother Earth” focused the directors’ lenses on the environment and the future of our planet. In all, 16 films from young Sikh directors were submitted from India, the United States and Kenya and over 100,000 people from around the world viewed the films online and on Time TV in India.


The panel of seven festival judges included SikhNet staff and a representative from EcoSikh. The “Likes” from online viewers around the world served as the community vote. For the third year in a row, Sukhmanjot Singh, age 24 from Jalandhar, Punjab, India was one of our top prize winners with his inspiring short film Sangraand.


View the winning films.


For many years now the SikhNet staff have made themselves available as seva to all who ask for personal counseling, usually via the phone or via Skype or WhatsApp. Callers are dealing with issues such as domestic abuse, sexual abuse, depression, sickness, death in the family and even suicidal thoughts. Adults and youth alike contact us from around the world looking for support, advice and inspiration. Every call and every message is answered and as much time as necessary is spent with every caller.



Youth Q&A Forum


SikhNet has had a Youth Question and Answer Forum since 1999. You can find it here. This is a place where youth can ask any question (anonymously if they wish) and receive guidance from Gursikhs based on Gurbani and their own life experience. The panel of dedicated sevadars regularly handles questions ranging from Sikh lifestyle to acute depression and even suicide. No question goes unanswered on the Youth Forum.



Daily Hukamnama


SikhNet offers a wide range of inspiring services to connect people with our beloved Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Tens of thousands of people receive the Daily Hukamnama from Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar, delivered via our website, on Facebook, Twitter, via email or through the Hukamnama smartphone app, and even by a telephone call. We have more than 11,000 active users receiving Guru Ji’s Hukamnama every day.



Gurbani Media Center


The Gurbani Media Center on SikhNet is the most popular and, to many, the most impactful service we offer. Each year, more people than ever access this rich online library of Gurbani kirtan and katha. Our free Gurbani Media Center smartphone apps have made this resource available to Sikhs all around the world. Over 50,000 people downloaded the GMC App in 2016 and we have 23,000 active monthly users. These apps allow tens of thousands of people to stream the Guru’s kirtan right at their fingertips anywhere they are. Anyone is welcome to submit their musical tracks to the Gurbani Media Center and so add to this online treasure trove. Similarly, all Gurdwaras are invited to contact SikhNet to have their broadcasts included in the Sikhnet Radio Channels.

The web-based online GMC is being redesigned along with our GMC mobile apps. Our design and implementation team is hard at work on this right now. Look for the new Gurbani Media Center soon.



SikhNet Radio


We have integrated the SikhNet Radio app into the GMC App so you no longer need two apps. SikhNet Radio is the default screen when you open the GMC app and it has exactly the same functionality as the old standalone radio app. SikhNet Radio offers a range of pre-programmed Gurbani channels along with streaming live channels from Gurdwaras worldwide including Sri Harmandir Sahib in Amritsar, India, and is available 24/7 through the website, the GMC app or the old standalone Radio app.





We constantly get letters of appreciation from parents who are grateful for SikhNet’s unique content for children: our over 100 unique Sikh Audio Stories for Children with coloring pages to print out for children to color; The inspiring animated film KAUR -- the story of Mai Bhago, which teaches children about courage, equality and leadership and the ever popular original animated online game KARMA - The Ogre’s Curse which teaches children about meditation, serving others, problem solving, the healing power of Gurbani and the five Ks.



Remember, your donation to SikhNet funds a powerful and effective global initiative for the world-wide Sikh community. Your money helps Sikhs in so many different countries maintain a spiritual connection to their faith, their history and their roots.

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Please take a few moments right now to support the work that SikhNet is blessed to do by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to SikhNet. We need to raise $250,000 by the end of the year to keep SikhNet 'on the air' and serving the cyber-sangat.


If you come to SikhNet regularly, consider becoming a monthly donor. Thank you.



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