Illuminating The Sikh Heart

As Sikhs, there are many challenges for us in the modern world. We are often misunderstood and excluded. Within our own community, there exist divisions and intolerance. All of this can contribute to a sense of isolation and loneliness, and create a crisis of faith.

An important aspect of SikhNet’s mission is to help ease that sense of isolation. You are not alone. We do this by creating a safe, inclusive online environment where people can explore their connection with the Guru, and with the Sikh traditions. SikhNet provides opportunities for people to practically understand the role of spirituality in their lives in an everyday contemporary way.

Through the generosity of donors like you, the hearts of Sikhs around the world are touched by the Guru’s teachings. Your support allows SikhNet to inspire, educate, connect and embrace people in their journey of understanding their Sikh identity.

Please take a few moments right now to support the work that SikhNet is blessed to do by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to SikhNet. We need to raise $260,000 by the end of the year to keep SikhNet 'on the air' and serving the cyber-sangat.

If you come to SikhNet regularly, consider becoming a monthly donor. Thank you.



“Since my brother passed away this summer, my family and I have been going through a tough time. SikhNet has helped me through this tough time. Listening to the kirtan from the Golden Temple is just great. It gives me internal peace.” - Harpreet Bassi

Watching the news, the world seems to become more darker and more conflicted every year. But the Sikh Gurus provide a remedy for this darkness. Their sacred poetry and music illuminate the heart and heal the mind, creating a state of Chardi Kala.

Because of your generosity, Sikhs in every country have instant access to Gurbani.

  • - In 2013, we created an on-demand print version of the Siri Guru Granth Sahib featuring Dr. Sant Singh's English translation.

  • - The Gurbani Media Center offers over 20,000 tracks of music from more than 700 artists and more tracks are added every day.

  •  - Learn & Understand Gurbani through the new comprehensive audio collection of Gurbani Katha audio in the Gurbani Media Center.

  • - The SikhNet Radio now hosts 27 channels, including live broadcasts from Gurdwaras around the world.

  • - The Daily Hukamnama from the Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar is available online at SikhNet, over the phone, via email and now - this year - through the Daily Hukamnama App for Apple devices.

  • - People can access the Siri Guru Granth Sahib online, with Gurmukhi, transliteration and English translation, any time of day or night, from any electronic device.

In 2013, SikhNet maintained and grew these popular services.

In addition to the Daily Hukamnama App for Apple, we also released the Gurbani Media Center App for Android. Both of these Apps were created in partnership with the Sikh Spirit Foundation.

Your generous support helps bring the sacred sound of Gurbani to Sikh homes world-wide.



“I have been able to introduce my young nephew to the children's stories, an amazing and invaluable resource that has allowed this young boy to connect to the lives of the Gurus. I am very grateful for all that SikhNet does. It truly helped me to open up my life to the Divine by connecting directly to the teachings of the Guru.”

- Rajinder Bhoday

The Sikh world often appears trapped between two opposing forces. There are people who want to let go of the traditional identity completely, in favor of living in the modern world. And there are those who cling to the past so tightly, they do not know how to accommodate change.

The solution is to give people a chance to explore their faith and identity at their own pace, and according to their own understanding. 

Because of your generosity, Sikhs around the world use SikhNet to support their spiritual journey.

Your contributions allow SikhNet to create educational and inspirational videos, as well as audio stories for children. These media pieces have inspired people like Khalsa Lakhvir Singh  from Kenya  to keep his hair, to wear a turban, and to meditate on the Shabad.

Your support also provides the server space and technical structure for SikhiWiki, a community-generated multimedia online encyclopedia of Sikh faith and history.

In 2013, SikhNet produced new, original Inspirational videos, including : What is the Meaning of Life? 

We also produced new children’s audio stories, including: Guru Teg Bahadur and the Magical Land.

The Question & Answer section continues to be a place to ask questions & community to help by sharing their own answers.

SikhNet also maintained our existing educational resources.

None of this work would be possible without your support.




“I think of it as a virtual Gurdwara for me. A virtual place of belonging for me to come back to. SikhNet is still a constant reference for me, a springboard, a launch pad for me to become what I am today.” - Khalsa Lakhvir-Singh

Pressures from society can leave many Sikhs feeling isolated and alone. There is the way people look at you when you are a Sikh. Issues with your hair. Your role as a Sikh women. Bullying that can happen in school. Many people live in fear as a result of these pressures.

Because of your donations, we at SikhNet strive to empower and encourage Sikhs around the world to creatively express themselves and talk with their virtual peers. SikhNet provides a safe online environment for community members to connect with each other. Through dialogue, the sense of loneliness disappears. And people do not live in fear anymore.

Your generous contributions support the maintenance of the SikhNet online Discussion Forum, the online Youth Forum, and the SikhNet Facebook and Twitter pages. These virtual havens give people a way to form friendships and express their views to one another.

SikhNet News also creates original content, both inspirational and focused on current events. In addition, SikhNet collects and republishes Sikh-related news stories from global news sources. These news articles generate comments and dialogue, providing a forum of connectivity for the world-wide Sikh community

In 2013, SikhNet maintained our online forums, published Sikh news Monday-Friday, and delivered original news content, including a special tribute on the first year anniversary of the shootings at the Sikh Gurdwara in Oak Creek, Wisconsin.

Your generous contributions have made it possible for Sikhs to stay informed and dialogue with each other about the issues that matter most to them this year.

“I find the (SikhNet News) articles to be helpful when fulfilling the hukam that my Panj Pyaray gave to me in regards to always being informed about current Sikhi issues in the media and news.” - Ikjot Kaur



“You answered so many of my confusions. Thank you for reminding me how important trusting Guru ji with all my heart and soul is. I feel at such peace. I like thinking of it as it being my own personal relationship with Baba ji. I felt like I was having problems and Guru ji directed me to talk to you and receive your guidance.” - Navpreet Kaur

In this journey to understand what it means to be Sikh, each person faces his or her own unique challenges. These challenges may be public or private. These challenges may happen simply from the pressures of life. But sometimes people need a personal touch to help them through.

SikhNet may begin with the Internet. But because of your donations, we do not stop there.

We constantly reach out to people  - to speak with them, to hold their hands, and to listen. We deal with feelings of insecurity and doubt, crises of faith, feeling tortured by guilt, issues of domestic abuse within the family and every sort of personal struggle. Guruka Singh Khalsa, the C.E.O. of SikhNet, spends time every day talking to and writing back to people who personally reach out to SikhNet with their problems. This seva is anonymous and free of charge. It is done in the spirit of love, helping to support people in their moment of need. These dialogues take place face-to-face as well as on Facebook, by email and on the phone.

Your donations make these deeply supporting one-on-one conversations possible.

In addition, the staff of SikhNet travels an average of once each quarter to Sikh Youth Camps around the world. There, in person, the mission of embracing, educating, connecting and inspiring the Sikh community continues. One of the most important goals for SikhNet is to help the Sikh youth become tomorrow’s leaders. Traveling and participating in these camps is part of that vision. You make this service possible through your generous contributions.

A Message from the C.E.O.

Message from the CEO

2013 has been a very unusual and wonderful year so far here at SikhNet. In most years the SikhNet staff is highly focused on creating new content, but this year has been different in a big way. We took the helicopter up this year and looked at how we can make SikhNet better than ever as we move into the future. Because SikhNet has a very small staff and because we are all focused on creating new content and serving SikhNet users every day, we usually have little time for extended planning. But this year we made the time. We simply could not afford not to do so.

It’s time for SikhNet to make a big leap of faith and invest in our growth. This year we hired a new Program Director – Sardarni Sahiba Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa. She is a most talented and spiritual woman. I have known her for many years and now all of you will get to know her excellence as well.

Soon, we will be carrying out the biggest site upgrade SikhNet has ever undergone.  This involves a complete reinvention of our web site to make it faster, easier to use and much easier for you to find the content you are looking for.  In addition SikhNet will beautifully support a wide range of smartphones and tablets.

Also we are implementing a completely new SikhNet Donor system that will allow you to stay better informed and more connected with SikhNet, as well as making it easier than ever to manage your giving online.

SikhNet is much, much more than a few people sitting at their computers. SikhNet is hundreds of thousands of people all around the world who are members of our global cybersangat. SikhNet is YOU and you are SikhNet.

SikhNet has seen over 4.3 million unique visitors this year, and thousands of these people have contacted us directly on Facebook, by email and on the telephone, both to ask for assistance as well as to express their gratitude for the inspiration that SikhNet provides to them every day. Here’s an email that I received a few days ago:

“I have no words to describe my appreciation to Sikhnet and its team.  I am a 45 year old Sikh man who does not understand Punjabi very well.  I would not understand anything in the Gurudwaras. I would not know what Sikhism meant or what it stood for.  But all this changed since last one year when I subscribed to the Sikhnet’s daily Hukumnama.  The English translation was a big help.  Every morning I start my day reading the Guru’s Hukumnama for that day.  It’s gotten so addictive.  I feel like I am getting an email from the Guru himself! What more can one want. I am a changed person today, I do not get angry, I am at peace with myself.  I now find the worldly things too small. I now have something much bigger. I have the Guru by my side.  For a day if I miss out the Hukumnama, I get restless.  I will never want this to stop.  I always want you to carry on the good work for me, for my daughter and for the countless other Sikhs.  Thank you, Sikhnet, for the gift of Naam.  Thank you, Sikhnet, for making me a better person.  Thank you.” - HSD

Constantly seeing these little ways in which so many lives are touched and transformed by SikhNet touches my heart and inspires me every day, making me feel more blessed and grateful than ever to have been chosen by my Guru to participate in this seva.

To all my SikhNet family and SikhNet supporters, I say let us continue to work side by side to bring the timeless, practical message of the Guru’s bani and the joyful and serviceful lifestyle of Sikhi, which is needed on this planet more than ever before, to people everywhere so we can together inspire, educate, connect and embrace them in their journey of understanding their Sikh identity. It’s a team effort, and YOU are part of the SikhNet team. I love working with you. Thank you!


Guruka Singh Khalsa

Chief Executive Officer, SikhNet, Inc.

SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

2013 SikhNet Youth Online Film Festival

"My favourite part about the site is the Youth Film Festival, because it provides me with clips to use and topics to discuss at a Sikh youth program that I facilitate at the local gurdwara." - Ikjot Kaur

In 2013, SikhNet hosted its 8th Annual SikhNet Youth OnLine Film Festival. This year, the theme of the Film Festival was onKAUR: Focusing the Lens on Women.

37 truly unique and wonderful independent short movies were created for the Film Festival. These movies celebrate the Sikh woman, and the Khalsa traditions. This year’s movies generated thousands of views and comments.

Most importantly, the Film Festival gave a unique opportunity to young Sikh film-makers from India, the UK, Australia, the USA, and Canada. They had a chance to write their own scripts, direct and edit their own movies and share them with a global audience.

View the winners and honorable mentions from this year’s Film Festival. 

Your support allows this Youth Film Festival to continue year after year, ensuring its success.

Film Festival Stats

Our Vision For The Future

Vision for the Future

"As we spend more time online than ever before, there is an ever greater need for high-quality, Sikh-positive media. SikhNet is committed to this long-term strategy: we will engage our online community to co-create positive, modern, global Sikh media that serves our global Sangat and builds a positive future." - Ek Ong Kaar Kaur Khalsa (SikhNet Program Director)

SikhNet's long-term strategy has three aspects to it:

1. Simplify

To simplify the experience for our cyber-sangat, SikhNet will undertake two major projects in the next two years. We will completely reinvent the SikhNet website. The goal for the reinvention is to allow you to access richer content, faster, from multiple devices. The reinvention will make the SikhNet site more visual, intuitive and user-friendly.

We will also implement a new donor management system that will make it easier for you, our donor, to manage your giving seamlessly and easily.

2. Content

The Sikh world has truly become global within the last generation. Sikhs in every country have different stories to tell, and different challenges they face. But there is a common need to connect with the Guru and with each other.

SikhNet plans to expand our content by listening to you. You will help decide the types of stories and videos SikhNet produces. We also want to engage you to become content partners with SikhNet. In this way, SikhNet will flourish as an online media center representing the face and voice of the modern, global Sikh world.

3. Community

The online environment offers an unprecedented opportunity for dialogue and connectivity. Our goal for the future is to have more people, with more diverse opinions, learning from each other. Enabling each other. Encouraging each other. Inspiring each other and embracing each other. The journey towards the Guru and towards the Soul is a process that requires support. SikhNet is a place for you to share the journey of your life with others.

This vision of the future is a huge leap forward. It involves a major restructuring of SikhNet, and it will need a lot of dedicated resources and time. The end goal is for SikhNet to become a more effective vehicle than ever to inspire, educate, embrace and connect Sikhs around the world.

The realization of this vision is only possible because of you. Your generous contribution today will make this vision a reality. If you believe in a future where Sikhs are an international, global force, with a powerful voice for social and spiritual change - then make the investment. Give today to SikhNet, and help build this future for tomorrow.

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SikhNet Revenue Chart Infographic

SikhNet Expenses Chart Infographic

Please take a few moments right now to support the work that SikhNet is blessed to do by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to SikhNet. We need to raise $260,000 by the end of the year to keep SikhNet 'on the air' and serving the cyber-sangat.

If you come to SikhNet regularly, consider becoming a monthly donor. Thank you.



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