A Message From the CEO

Waheguru Ji ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji ki Fateh!

Greetings from the SikhNet office in sunny New Mexico. By Guru’s Grace, I am humbled and grateful to share that it has been another great year at SikhNet.

It has been a delight to travel and get to know our global sangat, to read your emails and responses to our new courses, our new audio and animated stories and to our newsletters, where we share our work with you!

In the coming year, we have huge changes coming to the Gurbani Media Center – updating systems from the ground up, as well as more new courses in the Learning Center, more travels, more new Stories, and more improvements to our apps.

It is our honor to share with you everything SikhNet has done in the past year in our Annual Report. Please know, we couldn’t do any of it without you. Thank you for your ongoing support!

With much love from my family to yours,


Gurumustuk Singh

Chief Executive Officer, SikhNet, Inc.

Please take a few moments right now to support this mission of Light by giving a portion of your Dasvandh to SikhNet. We need to raise $300,000 by the end of the year in order to fund SikhNet’s growth, and to continue serving millions of people around the world.


This year our priority is the rebuild of the backend GMC system. This $178K project addresses that technology has changed so quickly and the GMC needs to be able to accommodate mobile users, apps, smart devices, smart assistants, cars, TV, etc. 

Specific goals: 

  • Build totally new modern GMC system that is flexible, independent and supports the needed growth
  • Move GMC off the main SikhNet website
    • Allows for Phase 2 of upgrading the Sikhnet website and to address security issues
  • Upgrade, run and maintain the Drupal-based SikhNet website separately from the GMC
    • Enables independent development at different paces by different teams
    • Issues with one system do not affect the other
    • Can be run on different hardware/cloud – further reducing risks

    Benefits of this project are far-reaching. Here is a list of the most pressing benefits: 

    • GMC in major expansion with large growing user base
    • Data safety for our user base
    • Ability to keep GMC stable and available
    • Ability to expand access to new users
    • Ability to keep our services free of charge
    • No advertising. No fees. Free to Users
    • Growing needs to access the content in many ways & devices

New Custom User Playlists

We worked really hard to implement a very important user requested feature in 2020. Custom user playlists allow users to add their favorite tracks and create their own unique collections. Users can add, remove and change the order of tracks within a playlist. Over 9600 playlists have been created by users.

Track Actions

We introduced a track action button that gives quick access to actions related to a track. Users can add the track to a playlist, add the track to “My Library”, view the track’s artist and the album this track belongs to.


A new section on the home screen is available to users to listen to Gurbani Katha. All of the Katha tracks that are in the Katha SGGS app are available in Gurbani Media Center. The features that are part of the Katha SGGS app like resuming where you left off and downloading tracks for listening offline will be coming to GMC in the near future.

Learning with Gurbani Media Center

Learning is a part of SikhNet and when it comes to Gurbani Media Center we have included Sehaj Paath, Santheya and Gurbani Translation playlists under the category “Gurbani Paath”. Each playlist focuses on providing the sangat easy understanding of Gurbani and how to pronounce it. We have also made available audio collections of Q&A Youtube videos of Guruka and Shanti Kaur that answers youth questions on Lifestyle, Spirituality, Relationships and more.

  • Sing along Nitnem for Kids playlist specifically designed to help kids learn to recite Nitnem Paath.
  • Added Raag based playlists collection “Gurbani Raag Keertan” having Raag Keertan sung by different Ragis using Puratan Sikh instruments.
  • Added an amazing collection of Mainstream, Western, Classics, Raag, Devotional kirtan dedicated to 550th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji.
  • New Gurbani playlists category “O Guru save us!” including shabads that helps to feel protected during the initial COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Added Top Gurbani Charts category which includes top listened Gurbani tracks, albums, artists etc by the listeners.
  • New playlists collection “Sadhana from Solstice” with tracks dedicated to morning Sadhana
  • Playlists dedicated to Holla Mohalla at Anandpur Sahib, India.
  • New playlist with all Western Female Vocalists

Sikh Podcasts

In 2020 SikhNet began building our podcast network. 

Featured Podcasts:

  • Kaur Voices Talk Show
  • The Sikh Coach Podcast 
  • Spirited 
  • Seek Parenting 
  • Khoj Gurbani  

The podcasts are related to topics like Gurbani explanation, Sikhs in politics – business – sports etc, Parenting, Live life according to Guru’s teachings, 

More info can be collected from here: https://www.sikhnet.com/playlist-categories/podcasts

Gurbani Albums & Featured Playlists

In 2020 over 60,000 people downloaded the GMC app and  received over 13 Million Gurbani audio plays from our Sangat. 4 million people used the website version of the GMC (Approx 330,000 people per month).

  • Added 94 new albums consisting of digitized old Gurbani, western style, mainstream, healing meditation, devotional, Kavishri and English Katha’s for sangat.
  • 100 featured playlists of different styles/moods were created for listeners to enjoy kirtan of different styles/moods. The playlists are created with Gurbani kirtan dedicated to specific Gurpurab and historic events.
  • 364 total playlists (64 created in 2020)

Did you know that you can upload audio to the GMC?

The GMC allows hundreds of thousands of people to stream Guru Ji’s kirtan anywhere they are.

Did you know that you can upload audio to the GMC?

The GMC allows hundreds of thousands of people to stream Guru Ji’s kirtan anywhere in the world. Get started


Nearly 10,000 students are enrolled in SikhNet Learning Center courses.

In 2020, we launched one new course and continued  open enrollment in our other 4 courses where we continue to provide support to active students. 

Our latest course in the Guru Nanak Within Me series is called Why Am I a Sikh?

This course focuses on:

  • Understanding what makes someone a Sikh
  • Strengthening our commitment to the Sikh lifestyle and spiritual practices
  • Living a life of purpose and purity
  • Gaining clarity in our identity as a Sikh and our relationship to God

We also launched a New Webinar Series focused on Mental Health, providing support during COVID times with Sikh inspired content presented by Sikh mental health and wellness professionals from around the  globe.  

All the courses in the SikhNet Learning Center are mixed-media courses involving, reading, audio, video, quizzes and self-assessments. Students interact with each other directly as well as with the instructors through the 24/7 commenting system.

This course was thoroughly enjoyed. Every lesson there was something new to learn and understand. With Guru Jis Kirpa may the amazing work completed continue and be shared amongst the rest of the world, who can all then find a way to better their lives.

Manvir S.

I am glad I have an opportunity to say, how much I have learnt about Sikhi from doing the various Sikhnet free courses online… The awareness of gurbani and its meaning has got me to start doing Japji Sahib each morning, it’s made my faith strong and believe and accept Waheguru hukam.

Jasbir K.

This course is so amazing and bringing a positive change and motivation.

Harsimran K.


In 2019-2020, SikhNet produced 9 animations, 3 audio stories and 2 animated stories dubbed in Punjabi. In alignment with our userbase’s wishes, our focus in the SikhNet Stories for Kids area is to put out more animations.

9 New Animated Stories

Stories in Punjabi

Script Writing Contest

Last year we ran the Script Writing Contest and received many wonderful entries from around the world!

Can Trees Grow Overnight?, the winner in our Junior category, was made into an audio story and released as an animation. It was also released as a story in Punjabi. We are excited to be releasing more stories from winners of the contest in 2020-2021.

All audio and animated stories are available to children using the smartphone or tablet apps.   With all the new animations you can now watch videos within the app too!


The SikhNet News

Features original articles from our volunteer staff of over 20 contributing writers along with daily news stories gathered from around the world by our news editors. Keep up-to-date on all things Sikh-related and enjoy in-depth journalism along with thought-provoking original essays and posts every day.

Over 1 Million People from 50+ countries read the articles and news stories that SikhNet share on a regular basis.

Daily Hukamnama

Every day over 50,000+ people receive inspiration from the Daily Hukamnama from Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar, delivered via our website, on Facebook, Twitter, via email or through the Daily Hukamnama smartphone app, and even by a telephone call.

Every day over 16,000 people receive inspiration from the Daily Hukamnama from Harimandir Sahib in Amritsar, delivered via our website, on Facebook, Twitter, via email or through the Daily Hukamnama smartphone app, and even by a telephone call.

Youth Q&A Forum

The Youth Q&A Forum has been online since 1999. This is an open forum where anyone can ask any question and anyone can reply. The forum is moderated by a team of Gursikhs and the best answers are voted for by the forum members. No subject is taboo, and questions can be asked anonymously if desired. No question goes unanswered.


Inspirations Videos


Our YouTube Channel has been one of the greatest ways we reach, inform and inspire our global sangat. SikhNet was one of the first organizations out there making videos for Sikhs across the globe. Since 2006 we have produced over 776 videos which have over 21 million views!

A 26-part Video Series About Japji Sahib called Gurbani Whiteboards
7-part Sikhi Strong Videos Series
A 4-part Sikh History Series on The Early Life of Guru Nanak
18 Animated Kids Stories Videos in English and 2 in Punjabi
2 Short Form Documentaries on Inspirational Sikhs
18 Kaur Voices Interviews hosted by Jasvir Kaur Rababan

Topics from Gender Equality to Gurbani in modern times

71 #SikhsAtHomeTogether videos

To help Sikhs across the globe during Covid 19 lockdowns

25 Videos on GuruNanak550

Covering Special Events during Guru Nanak’s 550th Birth Anniversary

Numerous other videos

of Live Gurbani & Special Events from across the world.


Our Guru Granth Sahib Katha App allows people to learn and understand the meaning of Gurbani using this easy to use audio book style app. Currently featuring over 600 hours of Gurbani Katha in Punjabi by Giani Thakur Singh and Giani Harbhajan Singh USA. We are regularly adding additional Katha audio in both Punjabi and English to the app.  In 2020 this app will merge in with the Gurbani Media Center app. 


With almost 6,300 articles on Sikhism, the Sikh people and their culture and over five million users, SikhiWiki.org remains the top research and resource site for Sikhs on the Web. Since it is a WIKI, anyone can contribute and/or edit information on SikhiWiki. Our moderator, Hari Singh oversees all SikhiWiki articles.











Please take a few moments right now to support the work of SikhNet.  Our goal is to raise $300,000 to cover our core work for 2019. Will you join us by donating $101, or any amount you can, to support SikhNet’s seva?

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